My first ever WA3 skin, I made this for the WA3 beta and didn’t bother to update it for the final because I was frustrated and had plans to do a different version of it anyways. Of course new things arise, old plans fade, and in the course of things, “Slimline” got back burnered and forgotten.nnThen “Along Came Jones.” lol. Mr Jones gets a large slice of credit here for rescuing “Slimline” from the bin. He neatened it up, streamlined it, and got it fit for use with the new WA3… for which I am eternally grateful. Ty MJ.nnWhen I first made this, I was using 98 with an 800×600 desktop… so that’s what it’s optimized for. The new version, which is rapidly approaching completion, mimics an XP toolbar and will be optimized for 1024×768. I almost didn’t bother with this one, but what the hey. It’s neat, small, and functional, so why not? Minimalisim was, after all, the idea.
Designed by: e-blackadder on 2003-02-03T10:57:14-06:00

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