made in ms paint with a little tiny bit of help from photoshop.nnmbinner is saved as jpg to make overall file size smaller. may not work, but in case of this, just unzip the file and change mbinner.jpg to mbinner.bmp and make the similiar changes to mbinner.txt.nnsorry for this inconvience. if this had not been done, the file size would’ve exceeded 400+ kb. and not all of us have fast internet connections :Dnnthank you for your patience.nnfeel free to feed me constructive criticism. im sure this skin is FAR from perfect, so, tell me what i need to do to make it a little better.nchanged eq bars. a little more interesting now.nnin update, fixed somethings bugging me,and made blue a little lighter. cbuttons changed a little, and pledit ttlbar and mb ttlbar changed. eq tweaked also.nupdated once again. nothing big. pledit buttons and track time color. thats it
Designed by: bart on 2003-02-02T23:36:00-06:00

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