The Best Winamp Skin Ever

This is a tribute to Richard Scarry, one of the authors I loved the most when I was a child. I don’t claim it to be the best winamp skin ever, but if you search for Richard Scarry’s books, you’ll find out many of them are called “The best … ever”, so I thought this name was appropriate for the skin :)nnThe skin features more than 50 characters, and even Goldbug is hiding somewhere, can you find it?nnAll windows are skinned, including minibrowser, avs, and MikroAMP (a plugin, with wich you can, in adition, skin the inside of the minibrowser). I included a simple avs preset, see the readme for installation instructions.nnI couldn’t find who or where to ask for permission to use these pictures, so I hope it’s alright to use them here. Of course, all of them are (or were) copyrighted by Richard Scarry himself.
Designed by: Jellby on 2002-12-18T13:19:57-06:00

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