WINyaMP3 v2

WINyaMP3 v1 had a total of about 60,000 downloads on our website,,,, and We also received many, many requests, like “nice, but there is no winshade mode…”, “I don’t like yellow, that is why I want color themes!”, “great, but is too big for me”. We now finished WINyaMP3 v2, which is based on user requests.nnNew in this version:nn- 35 color themes (requested by users)nn- resizable equalizer, thinger and main windows – by adding Control Menu (on main window click on the playing status image). Was also requested by users!nn- added winshade mode for main window (requested by users)nn- skinning all components (including menus)nn- new Configuration panel with: enable/disable song ticker scrolling, show/hide MiniPlayer, enable/disable shadows (desktop alpha), always on top, display numbers in playlist and… color themes switcher included!nn- new About panelnn- new nifty & tricky/useful Visualization panelnn- much better scriptingnn- now you can make your Winamp3 work much faster using the Configuration panel!
Designed by: robo_design on 2002-12-13T13:47:38-06:00

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