This skin looks best on a dark background.nnI havent skinned winamp 2 in ages. Now I’m back, thanks to reanimation from the #skinlove IRC channel on rean. :-). I’d also like to thank everyone from the winamp wa2skins (skinlove) forums for all their criticsm (especially binary hero), suggestions and ideas.nThe little details took me ages. I cant believe I crossed the 200 layers mark.nSkin info :nBuild time : 25-30 hours, 15 daysnWeapon of choice : Photoshop 6.0nCursors : Microangelo 5.5nFixed bugs in playlist stacks.nFixed bugs in volume and balance.nFixed pause shift in mikro.nnThanks for pointing the bugs out ¤db¤.
Designed by: dam_ on 2002-11-19T18:03:52-06:00

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