ZDL GOLD STACK Component System

ATTENTION, winamp-5 users!nNEW version of this skin for WINAMP-5 NOW AVAILABLE here: http://www.1001winampskins.com/skin_details.html?skin_id=3243n***************nZDL-GOLD STACK COMPONENT SYSTEM for Winamp-3.nThis skin includes four components: player, equalizer, spectrum analyzer and thinger (amp).nEach component has two views: full and compact. To switch between full and compact view: double click “ZDL”-title or push down/up button, next to ‘m’ and ‘c’ buttons.n’m’- main menu button. ‘c’-control menu button.nFull Player view has three variations: CD-Player, CD-Player with Cassette Player and Cassette Player only.nTo switch between variations push “tray button”, located on CD-Tray or/and Cassette Tray.nSpectrum Analyzer has “color button” (analyzer colors: gold, blue, green or multi(green, yellow, red)).nFull view of Spectrum Analyzer also has “mode button”, switching between classic bar and dot-matrix screen modes.nMost buttons have hover-effect, so it’s easy to figure out their functions.n*****nUpdate Note!: added few color-themes, just for people who like to play with different colors :), however the graphical design originally was not made with color-themes in mind, so color themes may have some ‘completeness issues’. Two themes are useful to adapt the look of the skin to your computer display: “Gold: Lights On In The Room” and “Gold: Lights Off In The Room”. These themes do not change overall color but make the skin brighter or darker.n*****nTo change Color-Theme go Main Menu/Options/Preferences/Color Themes. Select theme from the list and push “Switch Button”. The Default theme is “Normal”, btw 🙂
Designed by: mikezeedub on 2002-11-04T00:12:30-06:00

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