ATTENTION, winamp-5 users!!!!nNEW version of this skin for WINAMP-5 NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.1001winampskins.com/skin_details.html?skin_id=3244n***************nThis is a ‘lighter’ version of the original ZDL-Six Track Reel-To-Reel Machine deck skin/interface for new winamp-3 player from ZEE DUB LAB.nIn addition this skin has compact-casstte player view (to switch push yellow button , located inbetween the reels, or double-click ZDL-AMP title).nThis is the latest final updated version with improved reels run animation, better analyzer vizualization collor blend, additional file-info button added to six-track (six buttons) access to all winamp-3 windows.nBig Know is Thinger Button, which also gives you access to the rest of your winamp’s components.n*******nLittle note about that “mask-face” on this and on the original ZDL 6-track reel-to-reel machine. People were asking me: “What is this “human” face doing in there??”nThe answer is: This is not really a face. This is a “Mask” – which is a part of official logo of [ ZEE DUB LAB METAL DOOR DUB ] project of Dr. ZEE.nFor more views and info (if you really wish to know, hear and see) about ZEE DUB LAB you can try to visit this web page: [link], or search GOOGLE for “Zee Dub Lab”n***********nThis skin require less CPU and does not need to keep alpha-desktop option on, so it is recommended if you do not have W-2000 or W-XP.nMore info about using this skin file:nWinamp-3.x player skin/interface.nMake sure you have new winamp-3 player installed first and it is running ok on your computer. This skin will not work with older winamp2.xx player.nWhen downloading, I’d recommend to download the skin file into some temporary folder first, make sure you keep the same .wal extension of the file, DO NOT change it to .zip!). Then copy/paste skin_name.wal file into MyComputer/C:/Program Files/Winamp3/Skins. Start Winamp3, go main menu/skins and select skin from the list.n***/Have Fun, and respects fr, Mike Zee aka DR. ZEE and ZEE DUB LAB METAL DOOR DUB
Designed by: mikezeedub on 2002-10-15T07:53:26-05:00

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