Hugi Official Skin

Hugi Official Skin (rmx)nndescription:nHugi Official Skin was designed in order to promote international Hugi magazine. Hugi is a diskmag (magazine, distributed as an application file, which contains text, graphics and music), with a wide range of interests: Demoscene, Music, Programming, Graphics, Poetry and Literature, Politics and much more. Download it (for free, for sure!) from the official page: Hugi 26, which should be released in a couple of weeks will include Skinning section. Don’t miss it!nnfeatures:n-Made specially for Hugi diskmag.n-Modern design, soft colors.n-Nice cursors, created specially for this skin.n-High usability, high contrast, easy control.n-Main, EQ, PL and AVS are skinned.n-Bugs free: I tried to kill all the nasty bugs.nninportant note:nThis skin is based on n3o winamp skin by Dariusz Wozniak a.k.a Visor ( click here to visit his page: Remix is done by the original author’s permission.nngreets and respects:n-I’d liked to dedicate this work to Fiorela Pelaez Agusti, wonderful girl from Peru.n-greets to all the great skinners all around the world: ZKreso, C-Specter, Smar, Nucleo, Ice-hf, t-k brothers and others.n-all the members of Deviantart ( communitly, especially Poetess, Olya, Tanya, Jark, The-Joker, T-k, Ice-hf, C-specter and everyone I’ve forgotten.n-Personally Mary Gileva a.k.a. Imagine (Gileva) []: it was nice to work with you, girl!n-members of all other skin/design communities (excluding few jerks, who spoil servers with generated skins).n-all the international was designed in order to promote international Hugi team, especially Adok and Iliks.n-all my friends and pen-pals around the world, and personally Rosaluz Salazar.n-personal thanks to Olesya Volochova for her tips on improving the playlist’s design.n-anyone I’ve forgotten or who just wants to get greet here.nnAuthors’ info:nnremix author: Taras Brizitsky, AKA SacRat.nweb: http://sacrat.deviantart.comnICQ: 128620050nMSN: [email protected] (messenger only, I don’t check mail on MSN!)ne-mail: [email protected] author: Dariusz Wozniak AKA visornweb:; http://visorek.deviantart.comne-mail: [email protected]: 117668854nGG: 1515245nAIM: visor86pl
Designed by: sacrat on 2002-10-14T11:01:19-05:00

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