ATTENTION, WINAMP-5 users!nNEW version of this skin for winamp-5 NOW AVAILABLE here: http://www.1001winampskins.com/skin_details.html?skin_id=3246n*********************nWinamp-3.x player skin/interface. Make sure you have new winamp-3 player installed first and it is running ok on your computer. This skin will not work with older winamp2.xx player. When downloading, I’d recommend to download the skin file into some temporary folder first, make sure you keep the same .wal extension of the file, DO NOT change it to .zip!). Then copy/paste skin_name.wal file into MyComputer/C:/Program Files/Winamp3/Skins. Start Winamp3, go main menu/skins and select skin from the list. Have Fun ****** Notes on some functions for this skin: Player view: Big Knob – puts tubes UP/DOWN Little Up/Down button above the tubes: Hot/Cool tubes switch (make tubes visualisation brighter ao smoother) Player has also compact and mini view (use down/up buttons in the left top corner of the player) or double-click ZDL-title. Playing file info-line can be switched to BitRate/Mono/Stereo info (click on it to switch), also click-(i) button to pop media-file tag-info window. Other buttons have hover effect , so you can see what their functions are. Equalizer views: Normal, Advanced, Mini-View (seeker and balance control), Analyzer View and Super-Analyser View. Double Click ZDL-Title in EQ viw switches view one way or the other depending on what view you are. Down-Button in the right-top corner of Normal-EQ view switches it to Analyzer-View. Analyzer view can be switched into larger Super-Analyzer (push up/down-button above analyser screen). Analyzer has four color-settings (color-button): gold, green, blue and multi: green/gold/red. Super-Analyzer also has Mode-Button, which switches analyzer screen from Classic Bare Mode to Dot Matrix Mode. Thinger: has six buttons – access to all other windows of winamp-3, thinger also has mini-view.n***********nOct20,2002, Update Note:nCouple useful extras added.nVolume value(%) display. Seeking time position, displaying as: SS:SS [TT:TT], where SS:SS seeking position/time in the playing song and TT:TT is total time of playing song/file.nAlso fixed couple missing charaters in the font(s) and the clock ticker made a little brighter.n***********nGraphics design and extra scripting by Mike Zee (aka Dr. ZEE) from ZEE DUB LAB METAL DOOR DUB.
Designed by: mikezeedub on 2002-10-13T16:10:15-05:00

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