Expensive Hi-Fi (ready for wa2.9x)

Position bar can be disabled. If you would like it disabled but unsure how to then download it here – http://www.winamp.com/skins/details.php?id=122459nnIf you’re having problems with this skin then make sure you’re using winamp 2. It will run with errors on winamp 3.nAlso check if the file extension is .wsz, your browser could be changing it to .wal (the winamp 3 extension).nnAny questions you have about the skin will probably be answered in the readme. (open winamp and press alt + s)nnFinally updated for winamp 2.9x!nnAdded:n- 2.9x windows (library and video)nnChanged:n- Adjusted colours of text on playlist, video and minibrowser to suit most monitors.n- Flipped spectrum analyser colours.nnNext version might have a new cursor. Thanks everyone for the feedback!
Designed by: wsmooney on 2002-09-30T04:04:51-05:00

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