Take this one for a drive. I wanted a clean, easy-to-use interface, so I chose something nearly everyone is familiar with. Tach moves with the music, while the speedometer is the seek. Wheel modeled in Caligari Truespace, dash in Bryce. Both textured and modeled in Bryce, and the rest done in Paint Shop Pro. Special Thanx to Duk, e-blackadder, Jones, Limnersphere, Nasir, Noviwan, RhinoTrip and Yyrk0on.nnUPDATE: New .wal file uploaded that should get around the problem Max described. Now it should work with any filename, but you still need to do a “Save As” and put it in your Skins folder. The auto-load doesn’t seem to work.
Designed by: inovack on 2002-09-23T13:32:40-05:00

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