ClipUp: The small main window “clips” to the top of the screen, where it is both useful and unobtrusive. Pressing the “down” button reveals the Extended mode, which gives you more complete control over Winamp, such as an editable EQ spline graph. Also, all windows are skinned, including the Playlist, Media Library, and Preferences. Finally, the skin includes a LCD color customizer, which lets you change the color of the LCD to blue, orange, yellow, red, green, or a combination of the above by adjusting blending and lightness.nnThanks to beta-testers Carl Kim and Max Bloch!nnUpdate 1.01: Fixed tooltips, Fixed playing bug (it wouldn’t play a song before you opened the Playlist), and Fixed weird lines in Preferences and other windows.
Designed by: awm300 on 2002-09-09T01:51:34-05:00

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