Claudia Black Amp

This skin is a new type of “Preview Edition” skin. It is a beta experiment in piracy prevention. The zip file contains various “sample” .bmps in addition to the regular skin file. These (hopefully) will help discourage piracy from people submitting it to sites that generate the preview from the skin’s components, rather than using a screenshot. All components are skinned, inc. cursors and mikro.nnThis is not my most appealing work, and I know that. Also, to head off any critisisms in advance… there is no pink on this skin. It is purple, and only appears pink owing to the background color. Both will be changed to a more appealing combination in future updates. So please, before you say anything TOO awful about it, remember most of the graphical issues are already known and being worked on. This was intended more as an anti-piracy experiment, so critique accordingly. Try to be gentle ya? ;)nnThe regular .wsz is inside the zip and must be extracted for use. Read the Readme for more details.
Designed by: e-blackadder on 2002-09-08T13:26:27-05:00

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