Treasure Map 2

A follow up to my WA2 skin Treasure Map. The skin is only the main at the moment with default other windows. As soon as i learn enough code for the EQ etc i will post the skin once more. Please review this skin as a new skin, and forget the other skin existed because there are many parellels to be drawn between the two skins.nnInstructions for use:nBig rock next to volcano = RepeatnTemple=ShufflenCross=CrossfadenTreasure=Thinger TogglenCastle=Eq and PL see labelnCentre trees=C-buttonsnRock on a path=VolumenLower rock on a path = BalancennThats the main things. The rest you should find easy enough :D.nnLastly a request because i think i need a few different objects and terrain for the EQ so any ideas just email or add to your comment. No smart ass things like delete all of them please.nnIf you dont have WA3, use the WA2 version.nnTEMnnV2.0 Additions:nEQ addednBug on minimise button fixed
Designed by: gingerz99 on 2002-08-15T13:43:08-05:00

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