Official 1K1WS classic skin

Winner of the August 2002 skin competition.nnI’ve tried to recreate the experience as much as possible in this skin – from the layout to the fonts, from the buttons to the cursors…nnIf you have MikroAmp installed, the Minibrowser will feature handy links to things such as the “New and Fresh skins”, the 1001 messageboard or the 1001 site tour.nnSkinned:n-All the usual stuffn-Vidamp plugin skin (redundant)n-Amarok plugin skinn-1K1WS-themed AVS presetn-Inside of “Now Playing” in Media Library (requires MikroAmp)nnSee the skin notes (alt-s) for more info.
Designed by: dbleja on 2002-08-04T12:40:42-05:00

 Download Skin

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