Oceano Player

Oceano Portable MP3 Playernn*Important (and not so important) notes:nn- To assemble the skin body, just invert the Equalizer and Playlist positionsn- Few buttons missing, due to aesthetical purposes, but all winamp functions (including some that I bet you dont even know that they exist) remain available in shortcut menus when you right-click over winamp.n- Window-shade access: double-click on the top of the skin, on the globe at the center and on the “Oceano” word. To return, double-click again.n- Theres a bug in the minimize button at window-shade mode, bu you’ll have to live with it.n- The font suggested for the Playlist is “Saved by Zero”, which you can download at this link: http://www.1001fonts.com/font_details.html?font_id=1154n- Oceano means ocean in portuguese. But spells like o-sse-Â-noo, in english.n- Thanks to Jellby, for his excellent template and skinning tips. http://www.1001winampskins.com/skin_details.html?skin_id=2499n- The photo shown in the minibrowser preview was taken from www.webshots.comn- Comments and suggestions are very welcome.nnBy now, enjoy it 🙂
Designed by: just-a-nick on 2002-07-19T02:29:17-05:00

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