Xbox MasterAmp

My Tribute to the XBOX. I skinned all the windows, even the cursors and the easter egg. MIKRO amp NOW ADDED!!nnMy current version of my Xbox MasterAmp. I put alot of effort into this one, I hope you like it. PLEASE, if you aren’t an XBOX fan, don’t trash my skin on this account alone. My PS2 amp is almost done anyway… :)nnThe new changes to 1.03:nMikro amp addednred removed from eq sliders – 1.02nsmall bmp error fixed on pl button – 1.02nnThanks to The Elusive Melon for the help on the bugs he found, and the ideas about the eq!nnThanks to Jaxspider for unknowingly causing me to put the mikroamp in here.nnThanks to Max Bloch of for providing a better skins site than even, I feel at home here Max!
Designed by: strangetheories on 2002-07-15T08:20:47-05:00

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