Kieslowski – Three Colours: White

This skin comes with 8 Milkdrop visualisation presets (all white, of course). I hope you check them out – to me, they’re an integral part of the skin.nnThe skin is part of my trilogy of skins based on Krzysztof Kieslowski’s beautiful trilogy of films (“Blue”, “White, and “Red”). The other two skins are available on this site as well – just click my name.nnSkinned:n-All the usual stuffn-Inside of “Now Playing” in Media Library (requires MikroAmp)n-Vidamp plugin (redundant)n-8 Milkdrop presetsnnRead the notes in the Winamp skin browser (alt-s) for more info.
Designed by: dbleja on 2002-07-04T17:49:21-05:00

 Download Skin

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