Treasure Map Amp

It an interpretation of a young childs pirate treasure map. The idea just came into my head so i thought i’dd make it. And yes, there is some treasure to be found on the skin. So, pick up you swords and spades and hunt the treasure! A nice paper texture too. AVS, MB and Mikro skinned.nnThe preview shows the EQ as ON and AUTO. Also it shows the vis and playlist colours to be darker, they actually blend in more with the skin when its on winamp 🙂 One last note, i tried to make the windowshades fit in all aspects…nnUpdate: Thanks to Dawid for the inside mb. Bug on title bar fixednnPlease check out my WA3 version of this skin. Thanks
Designed by: gingerz99 on 2002-06-29T17:00:29-05:00

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