Skinner’s Atlas

Before you say that this skin is ugly: it is not a skin, it is a template. And reading the readme.txt is a must (at least the beginning of it).nnDid you ever want to know where the Lost Ocean of Monoster is? The Nonbitmap Fountain of Youth? What the capital of Resize is? The maximum height of the Clutterbar Range? All this information is now in your pocket! I hope you find this template useful – I tried to include every component and every active area as precisely as possible. Suggestions and bug reports are welcome.nnIt includes a cursor copying utility by skinme!: CursorMultiply.nn1.0.1: Added the ‘pl-winshade-button’ bug in the readme.txtn1.0.2: Fixed spelling and typos of readme.txtn1.0.3: Fixed some confusion with the half-tiles in playlist and minibrowser (readme.txt and skeletons.bmp).n1.0.4: Changed to 24 bits (true colour) to make it easier working with layers.n1.1: Added skeletons2.bmp with different layout (see the readme.txt), added clutterbar ‘buttons’ to main.bmp, changed symbols in balance.bmpn1.1.1: Volume.bmp was 2 pixels narrower. Size is correct now (change not reflected in screenshot).n1.1.2: Deleted two spurious lines in pledit.txtn1.1.3: Updated skeletons.bmp, skeletons2.bmp and screenshot. Typos fixed in readme.txtn1.2: Added pl-stacks template to skeletons.bmp, as suggested by ¤db¤.n1.2.1: Pl-stacks template now in skeletons2.bmp too.n1.2.1b: Changed a colour.n1.3: Winshade bars (posbar, volume, balance) templated, showing where the sliders change.n1.3b: Reloaded (a couple of files were missing).n1.4: Added amarok.bmp and vidamp.bmp, by ¤db¤. Fixed 1-pixel too long winshade balance.n1.5: Added video.bmp, gen.bmp and genex.bmp support (i.e. adapt to Winamp 2.9), updated readme, this bit done mainly by Jones ;)n1.5.1: Bug fixed in skeletons (+20/0/-20 changed to +12/0/-12) and readme.txt edited (vidamp.bmp is *not* video.bmp).
Designed by: Jellby on 2002-06-16T21:49:09-05:00

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