AIWA nsx-s90 S.E.

All windows skinned, avs window, animated cursors.nAnd an AVS preset.nCheck the info in the skin.nnedit: this one was more a challenge to myself to make it the most real and looking as the real one i thik it’s kind of nerdy” or something to remember that i primary got into computers cause i wanna have my stereo to play mp3’s and other cool stuff, loved it’s design for so long time..nnthen i got more a techy” guy now instead of getting a space ship-xmas tree stereo i’m looking for great sound quality. (get it)nnnow appareance it’s not one of my primary interest.nnbut when i see this skins i remember the feelings… i hope i can share with some of you.
Designed by: fernsx on 2002-05-10T05:38:44-05:00

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