Drowning Pool 3D

Backstory: This one was originally created by me back before the DP album came out. I had it posted for a while, but due to some dissatisfaction and personal reasons, I pulled it and shelved it. Later on my brother-in-law republished it, but it was removed as a rip because he forgot to mention he had permission from me to do it. So it has been out of circulation for a while.nnUntil… just today I was surfing and came across it under someone else’s [email protected] have never been ripped before and I found it very insulting. However the skin wasn’t available anywhere so I had a hella time proving it. Due to this, I have decided to republish so that any future questions regarding provenance will be moot. Any debate can be settled simply by unzipping this (the original file) and checking the creation dates on the files. I also have the original templates/graphics etc. on a backup disc, so PTTTTTTTPH to Mr. Ripper. 😛
Designed by: e-blackadder on 2002-04-16T04:44:55-05:00

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