done 1001 percent in mspaint, just for the hell of it. any bugs? please tell me. this completed version has a mikro skin and animated cursors. tell me what you think! after i am done in msp, ill fiddle with it in photoshop.nnanother update 1.6: the templateamp i made for myself was wrong, the nullsoft easter egg doesnt work. the selected state of the tbar was shifted down 1 px. anyway its fixed now. so is the version number in the main. also, i found another bug, the pl winshade button didnt have shading in it.nnBIG UPDATE: 1.05: i added some nice animated cursors, and a mikroskin. if they are buggy (i am almost sure they arent) please tell me so i can fix it 🙂 i also changed the color of the pl stackbar in the lower right.nnupdate: 1.02: i fixed another bug in pledit- there was no maximize button in the ws mode for the pl. thanks Giotto!nnupdate: 1.01: i fixed a bug in the pledit bmp. thanks ripe!
Designed by: aom23 on 2002-02-12T07:17:49-06:00

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