For this skin, I wanted to recreate the look of one of those old-style amps. The skin has a kind of grungy look (as was my intent), but I tried to make it as realistic as possible. Certain parts of the skin, like the right third of the Main Window, look like they pop out of the screen–stand back and see it! Also, I wanted to be as original as possible in this skin. There are plenty of places where I could have done the default “LCD Style” for text and numbers, but I thought that it would have cluttered the layout. In case you were wondering, those white things with the text on them are like Post-it notes, as if someone posted the song’s info on the back of the amp. Also, i made animated cursors and skinned the MB and WVS. Anyways, thanks for downloading, and I hope you like it!
Designed by: awm300 on 2001-12-22T02:20:23-06:00

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