It’s Gravitation

It’s Gravitation featuring those lovely bishounen Yuki and Shuichi ^_~ This skin really requires plugin’s, don’t have them? Want them? Look in the readme me file, tells you where and how to download them. Failing that look at my homepage ^_^nAlso I had to really reduce the colours on this one, so want the better version, look in the readme file, it will tell you there. As I haven’t updated my hompage yet ^_^;;nLast note…I didn’t do the equalizer…sorry it didn’t really want to go with this skin ^_^;;nnMiriya-chan ^_^nnUpdate 14th Jan 2002 — I thought I better update this skin..ack didn’t notice the playlist had some nasty lines on it ^_^;; So I have cleaned up the playlist.
Designed by: miriya on 2001-12-13T15:04:07-06:00

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