sttaffy amp

i spent a while on this, blah blah blah. my first one. i submitted it to deviantart and, and i wrote a LOT there, so im tired of it. anyway, this is worth the download because of the cursors alone! the most detailed cursors that *i* have ever seen on a skin. anyway, i meant for the main light areas to be plain-ish. any, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. please tell me if there is a bug, please. well, i am going to make a few other versions too, like a darker color for the main areas, and labels for the buttons. oh yeah, this is for pwoplw who kinda know what all the buttons do already, skinners will have no problems with the buttons on this one. thanks for downloading 🙂
Designed by: aom23 on 2001-12-10T20:03:35-06:00

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