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hardcoregamer 2nd published skinn================================nnxp style winamp skin v1.3 – 21/09/2001n================================nnv1.3 updates : -hummm fixed posbar clicked button size … (it was bigger than normal)n-changed spectrum colorn-changed mono/stereo graphn-fixed eq_ex forgotsnv1.2 updates : -added avsn-fixed some forgotsn-better font style in song title/volume/balance textnv1.1 updates : -shuffle button fixed, didn’t see 4 pixels error …n================================nnok this is the second xp skin i made but the first burned out whenni format my disk without remember to copy it …nnthe xp skins i see throught the net represents the olds beta whistler andnearly beta and so they don’t represent the final xp stylen( colors, buttons etc …)nso, and cause i don’t found the others very sexy i made the mineni found … cooln================================nn-AVS is addedn-i think there is no bugs at this point of the skinnnnow i think it rocksnnif you find some bugs or something like that in it, report men================================nn1st winamp skin : hardcoregamerampn2nd winamp skin : winamp xp ================================nncontact [email protected]*u*c*k the master
Designed by: radius on 2001-09-19T15:06:43-05:00

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