Easter Eggstacy

Easter madness from the Share Your Skin Love Forum. This springy Easter gift comes to you from the skinners of Winamp’s “Share Your Skin Love Forum”. Needless to say, the skin is chock full of Easter egg surprises. The artists who labored like a warren of bunnies to bring you this collaboration are: afro moe, Bilabong, BullGawD, Cappy17, Chiquita Chad, Dawg4Life2K1, Duk, Exzelian, flatmatt, Jayn, Mr Jones, pixelpusher, Rikki, skinme!, The Only Lynx, Xerxes, Zeruel. Thanks to each and every one of them for their contribution. Now go and hunt some eggs!
Designed by: skinlovers on 2001-04-09T22:01:12-05:00

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