Viet Amp

Remember Sarge from “tour of duty”? well, one day, when he was on a mission, I broke into the barracks, and stole Sarge’s portable mp3 player. It had quite alot of bulletholes in it, I guess He liked to listen to his favorite music whilst in combat with the vietnamese 😉 Vietamp is ment for advanced winamp users. Not all the buttons have a description on them, this is because I did not contribute to the design, and made it less authentic. However, if you’ve used winamp “intensely” 😉 for more than a week, you should now where all the buttons are. tip:use right mousebutton on the shuffle/repeat buttons to see which is which. peace! (not war ;))
Designed by: ampburner on 2000-09-02T10:31:34-05:00

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